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Bare PCBs
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PCB Fabrication
QC, Test & Inspection







QC, Test & Inspection

PCB Warpage Checker

For Inspection as per IPC Standard
Inspection by accurate Laser Sensor

PCB Artwork Station

Multifunction Optical Measuring Systems
Design Rule Check
Gerber Data Mapping
Full 2D Measuring Capability

2D X-Ray PCB Inspector

Highly Accurate System for Line, Pad and Concentricity Measurement

Hole Location Analyzer

Inspection Method by Halogen Lamp
Provides Quick and Precise Measurement of Hole Location

Hole Inspector

For inspection after drilling, after planning
Hole Quality Check
Highly stable GBA Checks

X-Ray Checker

For Inner Alignment
Inspects Concentric Circle and offers the max-offset and direction from each layer
Measures distance between point, line or centre of a circle

Dedicated Bare Board Testers

For Single / Double Side Testing
Low cost yet very fast with test speed of 4000 pts / sec.

Universal Bare Board Testers

Double Side, Double / Quad Density at unbeatable price

Flying Probe Bare Board Testers

Vertical PCB Mounting
Horizontal PCB Mounting

Automatic Optical Inspection System

For Rigid Boards
For Flex Boards
High end specification


For Universal Testers like ATG, Mania, L & M etc.
For making dedicated fixtures



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